Category ‘C’ Licence

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Category C Licence
Driver Training Course

AKA - LGV, Class 2
for Larger than 7.5 tonne, Rigid bodied vehicles
Category 'C' is the entry level license into becoming a professional driver of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). This licence allows drivers to operate rigid body vehicles that are over 3,500 kg in weight, but under 32 tonnes, with trailers of up to 750 kg.
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In order to gain your Category C licence, you’ll need to:
Be at least 18 years of age.
Hold a valid provisional Category 'C' driving licence.
Pass a straightforward medical exam.
* The example below shows the path and cost to take you from a standard driving Licence (Category 'B' Car) to a Category 'C' Licence
Vehicle Driving Ability Lessons with Pole Position Driver
Training + CPC Part 3
– 5 days with practical with test on day 5
DVSA Driving Ability Test
- approx. time: 1h30mins
Vehicle Practical Demonstration
Training Session with Pole Position Driver Training
CPC Part Module 4
– 1 day with the test on the same day asdriving test
DVSA Practical Demonstration Test5 Topics with 20 points available in each topic
Pass: minimum 15/20 in each topic and 80/100 overall
Driver Medical
Pass a very straightforward medical exam, Eyesight and Blood pressure
* If you already have any of the following modules you can book part or all of this course with us.

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