Combined ‘C&C+E’ Licence

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Some rules about learning to drive an C+E Category vehicle changed on 15 November 2021.

You can now learn to drive in an articulated lorry (category CE) if your provisional lorry licence was issued after 15 November 2021 (if you had a provisional licence before this date, you need to take extra steps to upgrade your provisional licence
This means you can take your test in a Large Articulated Lorry (Category C+E) without having to pass one in a Large Rigid Lorry (Category C) first.
Our Combined Course offers the driver the quickest and safest route possible, from Category B licence (Car) to Category C+E. Our Combined Course provides training in a Category C Vehicle (Large Rigid) before jumping straight into a Category C+E vehicle. (Large Artic). Allowing you to train to be a Cat C+E driver in as safe and as short a timeframe as possible.
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Combined C & C+E Licence
Driver Training Course

Our Combined direct access course has been specifically designed to allow drivers the opportunity to go from a standard Category 'B' (car licence), to Category C & C+E in the shortest and safest time possible.
While it might seem like a good idea to allow drivers to go directly from a car licence to an Articulated Lorry licence, the reality of that change can be daunting and dangerous for some people.
Our combined C+E course takes the driver from Category 'B' driver entitlement (car), to category 'C' driver entitlement (Large Rigid Lorry), to Category 'C+E' driver entitlement (Articulated Lorry) in a series of manageable, controlled and safe steps.
In order to gain your Category C+E licence entitlement, you’ll need to:
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Hold a provisional C+E driving licence.
• Pass a straightforward medical exam, If over the age of 45.
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