Category ‘C1’ Licence

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Category C1 Licence
Driver Training Course

AKA - Upto 7.5 Tonne
Large Van / Motorhome / Ambulance
Often referred to as a ‘7.5 tonne’ is the Category C’s little brother. A rigid body vehicle much like the Cat C, the C1 is one complete unit, with handling that is similar to that of a large car or van. This licence also applies to Ambulance and Motorhomes.
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Category C1 vehicles are over 3.5 tonnes but below 7.5 tonnes MPW.
For those who have ‘Car’ licences issued prior to 2009, category C1 vehicles can be driven under AQUIRED RIGHTS, with the addition of just a CPC Qualification. However for those with licences issued after 2009, will need to undergo training and take a C1 test.
In order to gain your Category C1 licence, you’ll need to:
Be at least 18 years of age.
Hold a valid UK car driving licence.
The example below shows the path and cost to take you from a Standard driving licence (category B) to a Category C1 Licence(Up to 7.5 Tonne Lorry, Motorhome & Ambulance )
Vehicle Driving Ability Lessons with Pole Position Driver
Training 2 days with practical test on day 3
DVSA Driving Ability Test
- approx. time: 1h30mins
CPC Full Course
5 day Course
* If you already have any of the following modules you can book part or all of this course with us.

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